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January 30, 2009



The post makes it sound a little bit like you're giving something away at 'wiredchurches.com' but I couldn't find anything freely given (although I didn't go through every item).


Tim... I agree with the previous comment. Your post does make it sound like you're giving away some of your resources. You may actually be doing this in some way but you definitely haven't taken the approach that Craig Groeschel and the staff at Life Church has. They truly do make their resources open and available. Maybe not to the same extent as Life but I would love for GCC to do something similiar. I totally understand the reasons behind charging for something. As you state, the ministry financially supports it'self. That's wonderful but to me it sounds more like a business than a ministry. Since you're reflecting back to GCC's humble begins and all the help you received... did you pay for everything? What did it feel like when someone said, "Here's something we did, if it will help you in your ministry - take it no strings attached." I think what you guys are doing at GCC is wonderful but you don't have to make a buck on everything.


I have been able to use several of the resources that GCC offers through their wiredchurches website and at a lot smaller cost then some places I have looked for info for our church. Thanks for a peek into your ministry. Some don't even offer that (as if it was some big goverment secret). I have also been able to get info just by reading the staff's blogs (and that cost me nothing but a little time).

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