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March 01, 2010


Heather Stevens


I'm ready for summer.
104 days til june camp
125 days til july camp!

judy dillon

Pastor Beeson~

I enjoy your blog! Loved the picture you took of the wood duck. My husband and I are spending the winter in Florida and have a wood duck house on the lake outside our place. It is fascinating to watch them. There were 8 of them the other day - 4 males and 4 females. At times there are 2 females that go inside the "house" - doesn't seem like there would be enough space for both of them! The males stand guard outside - either on the ground or on the post. They seem to work as a team as they build their nest to prepare for the birth of their babies! I am doing my homework and learning all I can about the wood ducks. Just hope I am still here to enjoy "jump day"! It would be GREAT to experience that! I am a bird/duck watcher! The wildlife here is awesome!!!

I also love the picture you took of your granddaughters! They are just precious! So glad to see that Lydia is doing so well!

I have been attending a mini GCC while here in Winter Haven. I felt right at home the first Sunday I attended:-)

judy dillon

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