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September 10, 2011


Ron Zimmerman

That is where Diane & I got married Ron


Very good read, it is great to know and think of all the souls that have gone before us into salvation and that God is still working today, using great men of God to carry on his Mission...

Thanks Mark, we appreciate it.

Joanie Berry

We are in desperate need for a Pastor to do a short and sweet wedding service on the morning of Friday Oct 28. It will be in Cades Cove in the old church there. It will be a private family wedding lasting about one hour or less. They have their marriage license for that county. Please, if any one knows of any one who can do this please let me know. We will pay the Pastor and pay for the gas for him or her to drive there. My phone number is 865-414=6128 Blessings!! Joanie Berry

Donald M Brown

My father spent 43 years in the Methodist Ministry from 1909 to 1963. He served mainly in the rural ministry. Many of the churches were similar to the Cades Coce church. I am 87 and visited Cades Cove sevaral years ago and it brought back many memories of the country church whih seems to be fading away. We Merhodists seem to have abandoned our heritage.

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