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March 22, 2008


Jasmine Neldon

I just wanted to let you know about an experience my boyfriend, my sister, and I had after Easter Service last night.

On our way to a late dinner, we were all talking excitedly about the service and the message of spreading viral communication and how far it could reach, when we heard a honk at a stoplight. After checking the light to make sure he hadn't missed it, my boyfriend looked back to see another car who had put their glowsticks in the window of their car, as my boyfriend had. Looking around at the surrounding cars, we noticed that there were several people who had done the same. Everyone was smiling and excited about the lights and being connected in a way to the surrounding strangers. As we drove on to the restaurant, it was really moving to continually see the lights even as we drove farther, making a statement and spreading the word.

I can't wait to tell everyone about this!
Thanks as always for a great lesson,
Jasmine Neldon, 17

Mark Burleson

I saw a webstream last night and absolutely loved it. I get excited when I see the level of impact and the heart others in the body have.

Keep up the encouraging work!

Mark Burleson (Tulsa, OK)

Jeanna Miller

Looking around last night I saw something that made me smile - people truly enjoying being in church. And what makes it even better is that I doubt they will soon forget the meaning behind it all. I know I won't.

Ruth Hunt

I must say that this weekends service was a WOW! Using the visual of glow sticks was great to show how God's love and message can spread if we all do our part. Participating in it was one thing but seeing it from the back of the room was very emotional. Thank you for your vision, passion and creativity to touch the hearts of the people. I am very blessed to be a part of this church!


Great shots


The glow stick thing made it on the homepage of www.wayofthemasterradio.com

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