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March 15, 2008


Sean Pritzkau

Great post. Just subscribed to your RSS feed, looking forward to reading more!

Garry Mullen

Values shape direction. If we are following any leader we need to know the values so that we can follow the direction of the leader. Otherwise we will probably get lost.

Question - Is it possible to know the values of the Pastor by witnessing the direction of the church? If it is - then it may take less time to know the Pastor's mission, vision and values than we might think.

Thanks Mark for the post

Gene Ort

Before I came to GCC, I attended a church with a very soft form of leadership. More like... "so what do you want to do ?". I appreciate the strong value placed on leadership at GCC. I also appreciate the efforts to train up leaders at every stage of life. It has made a difference in my own family, business and church life. I do think it's a little dangerous placing a value judgement on a pastor or anyone else based upon what appears to be happening in public view. Men tend to judge each other by out word appearances, God looks at the heart.


Why is there an american flag hanging in your church? (This is not usual in churches outside the USA)

Greetings from Germany

Erin Harlow

That was probally taken on the 4th of July or Memorial Day wknd, that's why there is the big flag on the wall.

Stan  Buck

Good word Mark - thanks for bringing some great thoughts to "light" a discussion that seems to be mostly about "heat"!

I love being able to read your thoughts brother - great stuff!


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