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July 02, 2008


Michelle Wegner

You got it! I'm so excited for Aaron!


I would be honored to pray for Aaron and the whole team while they are away ministering. I truly understand the joy you carry in your heart for your son. My heart carries the same joy of Proverb 23:23, for my three sons, Todd, Tim and Patrick. What a great way to say "Ilove you son, and I am so proud of you, and the man you have become!" Great blog!

Becky Hunter

Hunter and I are praying for Aaron and the entire team. They will be such a blessing to the people they minister to in Malawi! Yay for Aaron's passion and ministry heart. I hope you and Sheila are doing awesome.


WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! So pumped about the new season coming at GCC! It's going to be awesome. Especially excited about the Bible classes.

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