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July 05, 2008



The week/weeks that changed my life happened at camp adventure. I love camp and am so glad you keep coming Pastor Mark.

PS-I can't wait for camp in two days!!!!!!

Becky Hunter

What a great pic of Angela and John! Congrats to them on four years of wedded bliss!
And concerning Camp Adventure....Well, the week I spent there as a 12 year old made a difference in my life! I accepted Jesus there! And then nearly 30 years later, all three of our sons experienced Camp Adventure under your leadership! Today, they are passionately following Christ along with their own families. Camp Adventure and your mentorship when they were there as campers, and later as counselors, is a huge reason they are awesome men today. I'm just hoping you stick with it a few more years so I can bring our grandson up there for an incredible week of adventure! Thanks for your faithfulness to the middle school week that changes lives...and thanks to Sheila for being right there with you!
Have a great one!

Mark McClean

My son Steven will be spending his first week at Camp Adventure helping you and DC with the middle-schoolers. Steven's heading off to Purdue this fall and I'm so glad that he still desires to spend time helping those younger than him to facilitate their walk with Jesus.

I can't tell you how important GCC's Oasis and Lifeline programs have been been to Steven. They have truly helped my wife and I raise our son in the ways of God in spiritually practical ways that I believe will stay with him for life. By the way, he's had a blast along the way! I expect his week at Camp Adventure will be as rewarding and fun for him as it is to those he serves. Thank you Pastor for continuing what you started!

Amber Cox

Dad, I love that you go to Camp every summer. I loved being there with you for the for the first 25 years of my life. Camp marked me. My summers at Camp impacted my life in a huge way and the fact that we were all there together, as a family...that was the best part. I'm praying for you and Mom and Ang & John this week. Great picture!

Joel Bennett

I, too, am a Camp Adventurer lover! Thanks for caring enough about our little town of Farmland to move there, lead us for so many years and introduce us to Camp Adventure. I went on to be a counselor there and one summer actually worked on staff there mowing, doing dishes, etc because I believe in what Camp Adventure does and I've seen first hand the lives changed...mine has been. My first year at CA, the young Matt Beeson was my counselor...What a week!!!!
I miss you and Sheila so much and will always hold you dear! I know that you all left to Epworth when Amber was so young that she probably doesn't remember me, but I remember babysitting her and cranking that swing for hours because that was the only way she wouldn't cry. I love to see how many lives you all are still changing today! Have another great week at Camp Adventure !

Amber Cox

...of course I remember Joel Bennett! Are you kidding me? The Bennett family was like my own!

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