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August 14, 2008


Patrick Hester

Hey this is Patrick, I wish I could be there Mark. I miss all of you!

Joshua Gregory

It was an experience I won't soon forget. Thank you for leading us into the next phase of our ministry!

Debra Doran

What an awesome worship experience last night. How thankful and humble I feel to be part of a church that has been blessed with God's best to teach and lead us. We (the church) will be stronger, because of the solid foundation that will be built through the classes. And, on that foundation our worship of thanks and praise will be heard on the 1st Wed of each month, as well as, the Sunday worship services. God Bless and thank you; Pastor Mark, Rob, Jason, Dr. Bob and the band; we could not do it without each of you.

Johnny Carr

I love the new change. Only problem I have though, is that I can't split my body in three parts. So I can attend all three sermons.lol! Or will they be available on cd. I hope so.

Anyways I missed the celebration in flesh but I didn't miss it in spirit. Thanks to my library access to the internet I was able to hear all the sermons from each Pastor. What a night it was! Sure wish I could have been there.

And how about Pastor Rob's sermon this weekend. "Let Go and Be Caught"

I went to the "Pulse Fest" with some friends Saturday and when it was over we decide to stop at G.c.c. for the 7:30.

And Sunday when I met the "Elkhart Campus" down in the great room. I decided to sit through the sermon again. A doulble whammy of Pastor Rob!lol. That guy's like a four pack of "Red Bull" energy drink in human form.lol! He cracks me up! What a great teacher he is.

My thoughts today is. "What am I holding on to?" What I have been holding on to all my life. Fear of failure.

That's the enemy's favorite I think. When he can put that fear in us. He can keep us from getting to where God want's us. And he loves to do that.

I have been giving some extra time to pray and repent. To pray and repent some more. And I'm greatful for that.

I want a job that want's me. I have been let go from the place I have been working due to the down fall of our econmy. I'm not hurt that they think I'm not worth keeping. I am sad for some of the others who have lost their jobs who I feel did not deserve to lose their jobs. I saw a single mother who has a little girl to take care of, break down and cry. And Steph and me have had conversations about Jesus. But because of the ways of religion she don't believe. And that makes me even sadder. It's part of being a christian that is tough. And sometimes make's me angry.

I loved what Pastor Rob said about "Ester and Hank"

I have only been in my walk a few years now and feel I have dealt with a whole lifetime of experiences. I surely want to be like "Ester". But I have come to realise that the "Hanks" in my life has caused me to hate just as much as them. You can hate christians who hate. And fall right into the enemies trap the same way. And not even know it. In 1st John it is said that "If you call yourself a christian and hate your brother. You are living in darkness." I know that to be true. I have been living in darkness.

Whelp, Pastor Beeson. That's all I have for today.....I think.

God Bless

And God Bless Our Hanks.

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