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August 29, 2008


Kathy Guy

I was thrilled that I happened to see it live! I was really proud of him, so I can only imagine how your family feels. He did the next right thing, and he represented followers of Jesus well in the process! Way to go Joel Hunter!

Brad Miller

Pastor Mark,
I agree on on both of your points: Your brother-in-law IS awesome and of course he did the right thing in saying YES for this opportunity. Also, what a great way to end the prayer. My prayer would be that anyone that did not end their prayer "in Jesus name, Amen" would do that BEFORE they end up in "the box".

MY God is soooo big!




I am glad I stopped by your blog tonight. And I am so glad you brother in law prayed, and prays. Interestingly enough a few hours ago a Barak ‘marketer’ called me at home as I was washing my wife’s car and pitched me on their message. I harkened back to your story of the – I think it was Jehovah’s Witnesses that came by your house. So I listened, really listened. She was a young woman who really wanted to do the right thing. So I followed you example, that of Christ’s and I said: Thank you so much for your passion. Your courage to stand for what you believe. I shared that I hope she will press in and seek Jesus message of hope for humanity over any political message. Seek Him first and be open to His call on her life no matter what the national atmosphere or sound bite of the day.

She told me I was the only person she had spoken with who didn’t argue politics with her but took the conversation in the direction of those things that really matter. And that she would truly seek Gods wisdom in her life. I can only imagine the multiplied effect of Joel’s contribution to the landscape of these tumultuous times.

It is a privilege to, in a small way, serve our Lord along side men like Joel. Who courageously stand up for truth…

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