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November 25, 2008


Hervict Jacobs

That's a powerful statement from Andy Stanley.

It makes me wonder though, aren't those other arms of Church governance a means of implementing checks and balances on the pastor and other key leaders in the Church?

Then on the other hand, I would think that it's not so much your Church governance that causes the push-back against your vision, but the PEOPLE in your key leadership positions within your organization, that becomes the wrench in the works.

I love that this statement proves that Andy is a Vision-Driven Leader, where everything he does is centered on and determined by a vision, - or The Vision - and he never lets that vision get over-ridden by other 'mechanical' issues.

see-through faith

I recently read Simple Church by Rainer and Geiger -it's very good and helpful. Sort of echoes what Stanley said.

It talks about focus too (reminds me of Craig G. GLS who I re-read on your site today - thanks for that)

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