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January 14, 2009


Larry Boatright

I've read this passage a bazillion times. Wrestled with it. Agonized over it. Longed for it. Grew frustrated with it!

One key I see is that to these early followers of Jesus, this community (the Church) was not some commodity, some add-on to an already busy life. They didn't compartmentalize their "church" experience apart from "doing life."

Now I know that was 1st-Century a long way from here. I know that as Americans we get so busy. Too busy I guess. But I wonder what it would be like if people felt this deep of a connection to their local community. If they didn't uproot and take a job in another place that paid more simply because they wanted to stay connected to their own church community. If serving one another and loving one another were SO important and they believed in the transforming power this kind of church community could have on their community-at-large that their lives revolved around the gospel and the church. Hmm.

I have to admit that it seems utopic, and that I've not done my part to try to create a community like this. I've not been uncomfortable enough for that. But I do love the Church and what God is doing through Her.

Praying for you guys this week!

Ron Windbigler

Well, I wish I had something witty and insightful to say, but God has not given me that attribute today. I do want you all to know however that I am praying and working with you guys, to be shown how to work to reach more for God in my circle. I know that if we do it for "Him" then we can not go wrong. It may be tough at times but he controls what is done with the right heart. But back to your question, and My perspective of the scripture. I see a group of people who are caring, sharing and growing, these are all great blessings. But the jump out phrase to me is {"While praising God"} hmmm. May we always remember to praise God and not forget he is there even when things are going our way,He is not just there to save us but to bless us. Sometimes I can get comfortable in blessings and forget the true author of those blessings...


I think this would be a beautiful way to live! It's so SIMPLE! Every morning I ask God to show me someone I can help. It doesn't happen as much as I wish it would or maybe I just don't see the opportunities. As I have gotten older, I look back on how I used to view life and can't imagine living that way again. I suffered with depression for many years. I prayed about it and God showed me that true happiness comes from helping others. Depression is what happens when we only think about ourselves.

I feel like GCC is one HUGE family. The atmosphere is amazing on the first Wednesdays of the month!


I read my comment and it occured to me that my change isn't from becoming older. It is because I turned my feet and started walking in the right direction after several years of making a wrong turn:-)

Thomas Hoyt

Here is my unique perspective:

these guys shared everything. There was no buying and selling among them, only generous giving. The knew what was at stake, and took it seriously. They also spent much time with each other celebrating. None of them complicated things, they kept it simple. The single most thing that jumps out at me is that these people looked out for one another. If one needed help, help was given immediately. I don't think these guys hesitated saying, "Well...let me pray about it." These folks quite simply loved one another just as He loves us.

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