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January 15, 2009



I do have a thought on that article, and I am praying for expanded understanding and discernment as I type and think. Initially I am thinking that the real need for people to grow in their relationship with God, best comes from one on one interaction or a few on a few such as small groups. I believe in the evangelism of small groups, but it is equally important to have leaders who are sharing the “Truth / God’s word / The Bible” within those interactions and to those who would facilitate small groups.
I believe that GCC targets that in a good way. Weekends create a base for people to understand the need to step closer, and then facilitates the opportunity with all the small groups offered. Another thought I just had is that, before there where so many printed bibles people had to rely on hearing the scriptures from someone who was privileged to have read it, or heard it from another person. God bless any one who tells what they know about God, even with printed words / scripture verses etc. I may start to ramble for all the thoughts flooding my mind, so I will stop at this for now. But I also want to make one more point, I have many times googled certain scriptures from the bible. Not because I did not have an understanding of it. It was because I wanted to see what others had to say about it, this is my way of doing a little one on one with others.

Ron S.

I’ve seen the increased intensity and focus this past year in the weekend services and those are welcomed steps. They strike a good balance, especially for new people and I wonder if more scripture in this particular environment would really make them any more effective.

Having said that, I have also been surprised by the high degree of Bible illiteracy of many I’ve encountered at GCC. (I realize it’s due in part to the large number who are new to the faith.) There’s opportunity here, probably for multiple approaches.

While I enjoy and profit from the midweek Journey classes, I would welcome another opportunity for digging deeper into the scriptures with others in a more personal manner. The chance to ask questions and discuss scriptural issues in real depth with other Christ-followers is extremely helpful. The response to “Ask Anything” shows there’s a strong desire for more answers - and an endless supply of questions.

Rather than alter the weekend service, or add another formal class (which requires one more night away from home and family) is there a possibility to do something via the web?

Personally, I have found online discussion forums an excellent way to help drive my personal Bible study and knowledge, as well as share the perspectives of others. It offers tremendous flexibility, both for topics and in time. Lot’s of possibilities along these lines.

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