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January 31, 2009


Ron Windbigler


Just wanted to let you know, I did not have a pen at church today, So accept this as my notice tha, I AM IN, and LEANING IN.


johnny Carr

I'm in! What ever I have to do. What ever it takes. With what ever cross I have to carry on my back! I'm In! Only for the love of JESUS CHRIST! For the church. Because I believe in the church. But Mostly because I want the people to have Jesus to. It's all for Jesus! Thanks for everything! You Duh Man!!!

johnny Carr

No more internet for awhile. It makes me crazy,lol!. I shut down everything but my myspace channel. And I would shut that down if I could but you have to confirm it on your email and I had already shut my e mail down. Oh well, It's not a real big deal. I can just leave it as is. It was a decision I made for myself. I don't like having a list of friends of people I don't even talk to in public. It's just too weird. And It's not God Ordain. Thats what's wrong with some of our world today. We communicate through a computer monitor and not to eachother. I made 3 visits to the church last night and I talked to some really nice people and I liked it! And from here on out thats just what I'm going to keep on doing. It's old fashion but it works. It works for me anyways. Yeah sure I'm going to miss keeping up with what everyone else is doing and writing my little comments and sharing my love for movies and music and God. But for now I have to focus on what faith is and take that to an extreme. I was inspired by what I saw on the big screen over the weekend. I saw a group of men helping out in india. I saw them doing work that I have done here in america. I mean it hit me like a ton of bricks Pastor Beeson. All the abuse I put up with in the trailor factories didn't get me anywhere. Most of them have went out of business and I have nothing to show for the work I've done. Just alot of inner wounds from the verbal abuse I took in those places. And I had already had inner wounds from my childhood. If I can do it for a run down factory that won't stand the test of time you bet I can do it for a God who stands for all eternity. And I sure will! Jesus wasn't outside the people. He was in the people around the people. Involved with the people, loving the people, dying for the people. He was all about people. You can not be a christian and not love people it does not work that way. That's what I have learned from you and many others at GCC. I had some one ask me recently about the way I worship in our congregation "What is that all about?" I didn't know how to reply I was lost with words.so I'll reply to you and you can share this with who ever you like. "I raise my hands and praise GOD out loud.It's probably the only time I'm loud about anything other then the love I have for my son. It's my way of saying I love God! I love Jesus. I love our church. I believe in what we are doing! And I support it and I want the whole world to know it!" That pretty much sums it up. Nothing real complicating. It's just another way of saying "IM IN!"

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