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January 13, 2009



The people in the US think we are experiencing hard times. The news says that this recession is going to end up worse than the great depression.

I agree that yes there are many people experiencing hard times right now. With unemployment soaring and a group of people unwilling to change. The second one is the one that I think is the real problem today. We got use to living high on life and now we're not able to do that. So we're trying to maintain what we had and by doing so we are getting ourselves in deeper trouble. We have no comprehension of what the people went through in the great depression. Why can't we go backwards for a little bit???

People today are afraid of going backwards. But I think we need to go backwards so we can find where we came from. And in doing so hopefully rediscover the Christian roots that this country was founded on. Until people figure out that they can survive without the things they want and only with what they really need, things are going to get much worse. I just hope and pray that people look to Christ for their answers. And when they do the church needs to be ready. Making a place where people can seek refuge and answers in the Lord. We the church need to GO and let them know that they can come, they can come to Christ, and He will provide for us all!

I'll be praying for you all and look forward to seeing what comes from you seeking God.

Be Blessed!

Sarah Koutz

Cabins like that really make me miss working in camp ministry. I'm so excited to hear you share over the next few months what God teaches you while you are away this week. Praying for you all!


I just want to know one thing? Mark where is your notebook computer?

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