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January 26, 2009


Josh Hunter

My Aunt is awesome. No Doubt.

Becky Hunter

I'm so thankful that this video was made because Sheila has truly walked the talk and the family, church and community has long been blessed by her personal faithful journey. I hope zillions of people will see this and whole world will be inspired to live every day for Jesus, just like she has. What an awesome team you two are, Mark! Thanks so much for posting this!

johnny Carr

I'm a family man at heart, and one of the reasons I love GCC is I have met so many good family men, from Steve Miller to Brian Young. Not to mention you guys our Pastors. Listening to Rob, Waltz,Dr Bob, Mr. Mann, and you. Talk about your families Has touched my heart deeply. I loved your wifes story and Got to meet her once a couple of years ago. She probably don't remember, it was at Manowe. She seemed like a wonderful person. She has to be to put up with your high energetic personality,lol. just kidding. Anyways I liked the pictures. Back when I was married I believed in going on journeys. I wanted my boys to see that theres more to this world then Lagrange, Indiana. Where we lived. We took them to Nashville, Tennesee one year, another year we took them to Macinac Island, and Iron Moutain, Michigan. We went inside the moutain which used to be a iron mine. It was awsome! Then are amusement parks of course. Ceder Point, kings Island. Jared suprised me one year. And got on every roller coaster at Cedar Point. He was so proud of himself. I miss the events. I miss my boys. I miss playing basketball with them in our drive way. Or baseball in the back yard. I remember how we used to play till dusk. Oh yeah then there was "Jake" our basset hound. He'd get the ball sometimes and we'd have to chase him around the back yard! Then there was karaoke that was our family time. Jared loved to sing back in those days. He's not much of a singer anymore. Thanks for sharing proverbs. That's so true. "A good woman is hard to find" I know a real good one.

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