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January 04, 2009


Dixie Wasik

From the response during services, there are many people in attendance with burning questions that are unanswered. If there are that many questions from within the walls of our church, how many more questions are unanswered outside the walls. Having "your guys" help guide or answer some of the very important questions offered up would be helpful and welcome. There are so many that are struggling within themselves, their relationships, parenting, and dealing with loss. There is so much coming at us now. We have a lot to deal with. Seeking answers to questions is the first step to the comfort of going to God, to praying, and to asking those who might have more knowledge or the avenues to find it. I know from attending that we are all responsible for helping to answer questions about God, Jesus, the church which means we must continue to grow in the church, in faith, and in process so we can be good stewards of the important information that will help others take their steps towards Jesus. Turning our feet in the right direction is a good first step but helping others to walk with is the challenge.

Larry Holston

I too think it would be a good thing to have some of the questions answered. There were several displayed on the screen for which I also would have liked an answer.


I think that would be a great idea. I wished I could have attended each service to hear all the questions and responses. People have so many burning questions. What better way to meet them where they are than to take their own specific questions and directly address them?

James Kytta

I am going to be a nay sayer.
I do not think answering questions is helpful in that it gives too many people an excuse to not read the Bible. We live in an educated society where most of us can read, but we are lazy and want quick fixes or instant knowledge. The apostle Paul also said,
2Timothy 2:15 "Study earnestly to present yourself approved to God, a workman that does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth."
That said, I do believe that people do need answers to basic questions about faith and belief with direction on how to discover the wisdom and knowledge on their own.
Proverbs 4:7 "Wisdom is the main thing; get wisdom; and with all your getting get understanding."
Hebrews 5:12-13 "For indeed because of the time, you ought to be teachers, you have need that one teach you again what are the first principles of the oracles of God. And you have become in need of milk, and not of solid food. For everyone who uses milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness, for he is an infant."

Mark McClean

The short answer is: Yes

The long answer is more complicated.

My son who lives in Rochester New York and blew off God for 24 years finds himself suddenly taking a keen interest in Christianity. He is kicking the tires hard and digging…digging...digging for spiritual answers. He tells me he desperately wants to find out if Christianity is real or whether he is just "worm dirt".

Of course he is bombarding me with some of the deepest most profound theological questions the greatest theologians the last 20 centuries have wrestled with. He also asks me some of the dumbest Christian questions that seem to make their rounds both in Christian and non-Christian circles as well; questions that have absolutely no bearing on the eternal destiny of his soul but seem to bother him to no end.

I tell him, "Son, the message of personal salvation through the merits of Christ is a simple one, I've told it to you a hundred times. Trying to have all your spiritual questions answered before taking a simple step of faith in Christ is an impossible task. If you have to have all your questions answered you will likely never come to a saving faith in Christ. You will end up bouncing from one answer to the next in search of some fictitious holy grail holding nothing but an empty promise."

"I tell him, "Son you are blessed. God is calling you. It may seem like torture now because of all the doubt getting stirred up inside your brain but God is tugging on your heart. Slow down, be glad and don't set up terms for believing in Christ. Just believe and be glad.”

At times when I talk to him there is a palpable sense of the evil one working havoc within the guts of each one of his spiritual questions. Like an episode of the hit TV series "Lost", each spiritual answer yields a dozen new spiritual questions leaving him unsatisfied and spiritually exhausted. It almost seems as if Christ Himself could not give Him an answer he has yet “ears to hear”.

Yet I firmly believe God's grace will have its way with my son and the agonizing process he is going through is for a specific purpose unique to his calling and will plant him deep in the "good" spiritual soil that yields much fruit to the glory of God.

Here's my bottom line for wanting answers to spiritual questions and what I just told my son two days ago.

I said son, "The older I get the more I sense the personal responsibility to discern for myself in spiritual matters. I firmly believe what I hold to be spiritual truth and bring before the judgment seat of God matters more than we know. Seek the council of those you trust but don't believe any statement as fact from anyone before it passes by your own internal spiritual filters. Not even your fathers. Take spiritual responsibility; think and believe for yourself. Whether you like it or not you are now on a spiritual journey. Don't seek easy answers to difficult questions and be wary of anyone who seems too sure of themselves no matter how many good deeds they do or esteemed they are in the eyes of others.”

Pastor, what impressed me more than anything at the 7:00PM service I attended this past weekend was not your answers to the difficult spiritual questions you so deftly handled extemporaneously. I always marvel at your obvious talents. What made the hair on my back stand up, because it revealed the inner man and his personal relationship with God, was your service ending prayer asking God to bless your words even to those who may have taken them the wrong way. This is the humble self-sacrificing prayer of a disciple and why I listen carefully each time you speak.

So yes, answers are helpful and needed, but what I want and pray for my son is more than “knowing” the path. I want him to find the freedom that comes from “walking” the path.

Freedom his father still struggles to lay hold with authority to this very day.

Jeanna Miller

I think it's a great idea - I had many asking me about the unanswered questions and if they would be answered on your blog. Some people are searching and questioning, but aren't quite sure how to find the answers on their own.


First, thanks for the opportunity to *ask anything*!

Second, yes, please answer as many questions as possible. Since the invitation was accepted by hundreds who submitted a question, I believe it is only courteous to offer a reply. Personally, I have wondered about many of the same questions, so I look forward to "hearing the answers".

Tim Severance

Mark, Is there any way you can post the flyer you read prior to service, "Call the Minister..." on here? I'd love to use that. Thanks.

James Kytta

Mark- One more comment.
I did notice how much you delayed on answering the question at the 7pm service about which book besides the Bible you would recomend for a struggling Christian and you answered it with books that would point back to the Bible. I served with you at Camp Adventure for many years and at the meeting on Sunday with all the counselors you adamantly told us to talk about Jesus at all times. Every day there were scriptures studied, quoted, written, and expounded all day long. By the end of the week the kids ( and us counselors) came away with greater wisdom and understanding that helped us with dealing with this life we live. I know this for a fact because I saw how these kids as they grew to adults, the ones that embraced Jesus and His word, became great followers for Christ and are making a huge impact in this world for Him. I just want to encourage you to continue to point us to Jesus and His word even in answering questions. God bless you.

Bobby Perrotti

Would love to see even just a LIST of the questions, so we can see what the folks of GCC are wondering!

Sherry Ingle

YES! Obviously there are many unanswered questions in the hearts of GCC people, in spite of our awesome teaching. Questions that would reach people "where they are at". We don't all have access to one-on-one pastor time to sit down and discuss questions and concerns. This would be a great way to accomplish this.

Deb DeFreeuw

YES! I have one particular question I would like to have answered. It was in the first set of 3 in the service on Sat 5 p.m. It was grouped with the question about the Colts. Much to my disappointment that was the one that received the vote. My mom wrote her question praying it would be answered. I know that everyone with troubling questions hoped this, but it seemed her prayers were answered when it came in the first set. The question was "How you leave the past behind and move forward." Pastor Beeson tried to go back and answer a more relevant question from that group, but the next series popped up. It would mean a lot to me to be able to get an answer to my mothers question.

I agree it would be interesting to see all the questions, but that is probably a VERY large list. I do believe answering any of the unanswered questions would be a benefit. Great service, I actually went to the Sunday 9 a.m. service to hear additional questions and answers.

Steve Miller

I am of mixed opinion on this. The volume of questions reflects both passion for knowledge and struggles with life. And so much of our culture today promotes quick fixes. Got this problem? Do this! One of the things I have learned about myself is that I desire a clear road map and the only direction that really counts is Christ saying - "follow me".

I suspect that the volume and nature of the messages may point to some future series/topics. They may also lead to Journey topics.

If you choose to provide some responses, I am confident that your responders will avoid quick fix solutions and we (the body) will be lovingly reminded that "follow me" comes with clear principles, but no check list.

Jeff Myers

I think it would be helpful, so there's one vote. And my other two housemates and their respective girlfriends would like me to add that they'd love to read more of the answers so I guess that's five votes totals. I absolutely loved this weekend.

Steve Miller

I think my last comment just added more questions in retrospect - so let me try again.

All of us thirst for answers - to life's tragedies, set backs and irritations. We seek answers for unresolved issues or behavior (ours and other people). We want answers to everything from the Meaning of Life to why I Can't Get Out Of Bed in the morning. And we turn to people we trust (like our pastors) for those answers. But our pastors are not the answer man. They don't write advice columns. Instead - they consistently point to the one who holds our lives in His hands - Jesus Christ. And they tell us consistently that we must work out our journey with Christ. We need to find our answers, our journey through Him. The greatest lesson our pastors provide is not what they say, but how they live. They are living each day on a journey with Christ and invite us to participate in the journey. Next steps - together!

I was serving last weekend so I got to see most of the Q&A's. It was creative, fun and thought provoking. For me - the most profound element was Pastor Beeson's character, not his answers. Mark's ability to take almost any question and get to the core of the issue says volumes about his foundation in Christ. And that is what I want to achieve in my life.

All of this to say that too much focus on the Q&A misses the point. At least in my opinion.

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