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February 23, 2009


Tom G

I love the way you can express your thoughts through written word.

D. Maust is by far my favorite guitar player we have at GCC, I love just watching what he can do with that instrument.

I don't get to come to many services any more, darn job :). I did make it to this weekends service and it was great, the message and the music were incredible.

Dale S

That's a lot of thinking in 4.7 nano seconds... but truly hilarious! Dustin rocks. GCC Rocks. God Rocks. Thanks for your vision and your heart

Amber Cox

Dad, I like that you've got some ADD going on. You're hilarious!
Love you!

James Kytta

You saw Hendrix?! What??!! Was it at Ball State? I have a friend who goes to GCC who attended Ball State at the same time you did, Jim Alexander.


Hilarious is right. We love ya brother, keep us laughing it lifts our spirits.

Heather Stevens

hahahahah this is hilarious!! you're awesome pastor mark :)

Tom Becker

Do you think it was leading anyone to think Godly thoughts or anything at all about Christ? Probably not, just How cool is this, or wow, or he is really good. Boy that's really great, just what I would want in my church.

Elle White

And that is why we love you! Thanks for celebrating the talent of other people, Mark. I actually do want that in my church, so thank you for leading us to appreciate one another.

J Aquila

Easily the funniest post you've had in a while.

Thanks for the nod the other day. Love the picture. The shadow covers the double chin perfectly.

Mark, it's always been pleasure to serve beside you, for God's glory. Thanks for leading us and allowing me do what I can.

J Aquila

D. S

In reference to Tom Becker's comment, I speak for 99% of my generation, if you want to reach us, you'll learn to meet us on our level, like Jesus did with prostitutes and 'sinners'.

Let me put it in words you'll understand: If you sit on your high throne, like the 'pharisee' you are, you'll never reach anyone who isn't already reached.

You (and people like you) are the reason non-christians resent the church, myself included.

This church actually makes me want to see what its all about. I'm not Christian, but I know my Bible from front to cover. I was raised in the 'traditional' church. The traditional church is the exact reason I'm not a christian.

Mark, your church makes me question my resentment towards Christians and the religion as a whole. That's hard to do.


This was great - I read it to my husband and was laughing so hard I was crying - Mark we love that you are you and lead us!!

Johnny Carr

I'm pretty sure I understood everthing you just said , but then I'm not really sure!,lol! you crack me up!!! You are crazy!!! I love it!!! I have a friend in the airforce that has your since of humor!!! Something tells me it wasn't Jimi Hendrix...

Tim Stevens

Everytime I watch Dustin play...it doesn't matter if he is playing U2, Chris Tomlin or Killers...I am ushered into the presence of God. His skill inspires me, his passion energizes me, his walk with God challenges me.

And D.S. -- your resentment is not without justification. I'm just hoping you'll continue to look past the distraction of some Christians and past the hollowness of religion to see the real Jesus. That's my prayer for all of us.

Johnny Carr

In reguard of what D.S. had to say.

Being a christian is not about christians it's about Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ was about people.

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