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February 20, 2009



I'll tell you what it means. God blesses those whom he knows will use their resources for his purposes. In the midst of this economic downturn my company is booming. One of my guys is a christian and he keeps repeating Proverbs 13:22 over and over and over. The money is still out there it didn't just dissappear and I believe God is redirecting it. This specific post gave me chills brother. I felt God give me another piece of the puzzle when I read this post this morning. Thanks Mark!!!!!!

James Kytta

I hope you read Brian's comment and that is some of what that scripture means. It also means that God is in charge. I know you watch the history channel and you can see the most elaborate means of hording and protecting wealth in the pyamids in Egypt, but they failed as has all other methods. God is in charge and He will have His way in the world no matter what!
Dave Ramsey said today in the Tribune " There are three things you can do with money. You can spend it, you can save it, and you can give it away.--- If the money just disappers, you'll have no chance to change your family tree or make a huge positive impact on your community through giving"


I'll throw in here as well. To me, it speaks a warning to those who put their faith and trust in money and what it buys them. We know as Christians that we are not guaranteed anything in this life. Our guarantee is in what eternity will be like.

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