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May 14, 2009


Rob Wegner

We're in continual prayer on your behalf, Pastor. We're with you. We're for you. The message this weekend is a high call. His hand is on you for it. You will rise to the occasion by His grace and with His power. Our community desperately needs this message and you are God's man to deliver it!

Stan  Buck

Mark - I am praying with you and for you that the Holy Spirit of God will give your the words, the courage, and the clarity to deliver this message with grace and truth! Press on!


Service was humbling tonight. I am proud to serve Christ along side you brother. I truly felt God speaking through you, you spoke and acted as a man filled with the passion of Christ. If I were to say I was "moved" I believe it would fall short of how I acutally feel. Thank you for being the bold man God has made you. You are an inspiration for those of us who from time-to-time may shy away from sharing their faith with someone in a higher position than they.

Will Cramer

Pastor Beeson, I unfortunately missed your letter presentation to the President live due to my participation of my sister's graduating festivities in San Diego. I watched it online. Your letter was outstanding! The way you crafted the letter so that Mr. President could relate to what you were presenting was marvelous. I have been going to GCC for 3 years now and that by far was the best message I have heard from GCC and there have been some incredible messages. I can't wait to buy the CD. I strongly believe that your wisdom, experience, leadership and personality is far superior to most. Your advice to Mr. President was not only excellent, but also, credible. Thank you for the letter! I am really pumped to hear the next two segments of this three part series.

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