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May 18, 2009



I physically write them down on a legal pad. It connects me more to the situation. There's something personal about writing. My memory is pretty scattered and I tend to forget many of the things I have learned, so it helps to go back to my writings to re-live Gods blessings. You asked:)

Stan  Buck


I journal on my computer and then at the end of the year print out the entries and place them in a three-ring binder! I've done this for over 20 years now and those journals are my most prized possession!!

Thanks for your encouragement!



All of the above.

Sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with my thoughts, so at times I record myself on video. It is sometimes easier to just record talking to God.

I made a prayer journal with pictures of my friends.

There's something valuable about handwriting notes, but it takes a while.

Ron S.

I jot down some quick notes, either on paper or computer. Then I will often share it with a close friend or two. On occasion, depending on the moment or insight, I may put something on an online forum for broader discussion and the insight of others. These methods help me process and reinforce the things that have been brought to me.

Jason's class is off to a great start. Looking forward to the next two.

Chris Stevens

I usually write it down on a leather bound journal. Putting what God is telling me into words helps me to pull as much truth out of an insight as possible. I rarely type them simply because the places where I love to hear God is out in nature, like a certain place at the lake. I love silence and solitude as a way to hear God. Later, I may blog about them though.

Jeremy Bell

Call me crazy, but I prefer physical reminders...little spiritual "souvenirs" that every time I look at them, they bring a smile to my face. In my office I have a paintbrush that reminds me I'm part of God's masterpiece and some legos that remind me how important it is to be connected with other believers. That first one is from a Junior High retreat two years ago and the second is from a message my intern and little brother in the faith shared, one of his first. I beamed with pride the whole time he was speaking. Sort of like my wedding ring, or arrangements of stone in the Old Testament, these things are windows into a whole world of memories and emotions. I regularly journal and jot notes in my Bible, but that is probably still my favorite medium.

One last thought...it's bee almost two years since I served you a cup of coffee at Logan's on Main and Day. God has blessed in HUGE ways, and it's been a wild ride. Thanks so much for the investment you made in my life, and for taking good care of my big bro (Jeff Bell).

God Bless

susan yoder

I always try to put a short "blog" of my thoughts and what I learned in the margin of my Bible and write in the date to jog my memory of where I was spiritually at that point. It amazes me how much I've learned to trust more in God's perfect will during my journey with him, I enjoy looking back and reading my little "blurbs" between the columns.

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