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May 06, 2009



Tell Rob my toes are gettin' sore. He has been bringin' it with some serious passion lately.

James Kytta

The cardboard testimonies were awsome! I was talking to Butch after the service on Saturday and said that if all who have been blessed and changed by Jesus through the ministries at GCC the line would have gone out the door down the block. You guys ROCK!


Incredible idea and powerful production. I needed this reminder of Jesus' redemptive power this morning, thank you for sharing your ministry on the blog Mark


Changes! that is what I am praying for today, I would love to see Addam have a cardboard testimony to share(soon)

I covet the prayers of others that can give 5 minutes to this soul that is searching and pleading for help, help that only the Holy Spirit can truly give and lead in. But your petitions to the God on behalf of this will be much appreciated.
Dear God, I pray right now that you / and the Holy Spirit will speak to Addam. He is seeking and wanting to hear from you, but the scars of life have really gotten him confused, After speaking to him for a long time last night I believe he wants to know how to turn his life around, how to be healed of his past. Use all resources to reach him now!

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