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May 23, 2009


Alex Naula

Pastor Mark Beeson,
I attended the service this past Sunday; the title of the series was To: Left wing Wackos and Right Wing Crazies.
Your message was refreshing. I agree that there are issues that are plainly not important fighting over. There are more important issues that God’s people must address.
However, I was thrown off by your last words and actions at the end of your sermon. You chose to honor the military, those who have fallen and participated in war. There is nothing wrong with honoring people for their work. However, I do disagree with a few of your statements
1. You said that the military has fought for OUR freedom, that they have paid the price so that Americans can live freely. You also mentioned that other countries do not have this “freedom.”
Do you really thing that the US is a free country? I do believe that America does not suffer from dictatorial regimes and that the constitution provides Americans with the freedom to say and do almost anything.
So the question is, what freedom are you referring too?
I can mention a few things Americans are not free from:
a. Pornography. It is an industry that creates revenue a (a range of 1-10 billion ). Porn is becoming mainstream and no one is fighting to free us from it.
b. Consumerism. We live in a society where more means happiness. Who is fighting for against this?
c. Corporate irresponsibility. The economic crisis we are experiencing now is the product of greed and lack of responsibility of economic institutions. There are millions of casualties this debacle has produced.
d. Health issues:
i. Smoking. Smoking kills you. In this free country, we allow and foster an industry that kills people.
ii. Obesity. Lack of education and regulation of food industries create fertile ground for people to overeat. The food industry creates unhealthy food loaded with fats, and chemical additives.
Yes, in America you cannot get arrested for congregating and going to church. Yes, you can have your Bible, yes you can attend evangelistic gatherings, and yes you can have Christian press and media. But does this mean you have freedom? I have lived in Ecuador and Peru and they have the same freedoms. Perhaps you are thinking about countries like China, Iraq and others alike. These are countries where Christianity is banned; yes it is hard to be a Christian there, but so it is here in America. The “freedom” we enjoy has alienated Christians and has made us become part of the mainstream. We are so satisfied and complacent with the freedom we have that we have become mainstream. I wonder what is worse. I know that in China you can go to jail for distributing Bibles, but here in America you can go to jail for fighting against Christian values too. So what freedom has the military fought for?

2. I disagree with using the pulpit to honor military actions. The church’s only honoree must be God.

3. I believe that war is the product of evil. Would you honor two opposing military for defending their territories? Do you honor their killings in the name of liberty or freedom? Where do you stand on war? Is it OK to kill during war?

Thanks for allowing me to express my concerns. I do want to hear from you because I believe in constructive dialogue.

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