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September 13, 2009


Becky Hunter

Wow! This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing this great story. Praising God with you for Bret's healing and growing relationship with God. I hope everyone who was baptized yesterday at Granger will be live every day in ways that help others find the Jesus they love.

Jason and Annie Rose

I was a little afraid to stand up during the services last weekend, but knew God was calling me to go public with my faith. Until I read his story I was also a little nervous about being baptized. How can I be nervous about standing up for my faith after hearing Brets story? When my wife and I arrived at 4pm for the 5pm service, I wanted to run into that pool right then and there, I couldn't wait! What an inspiration! My wife and I held each other and cried tears of joy for Bret while we were waiting in line to publicly give our lives to Christ. Congratulations Bret!

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