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September 02, 2009


Amber Cox

What a great picture!! We are so excited about the family expansion!!

Heather Stevens



Ask John about how he gave me the news. Best way to end a day in the classroom!

Michelle Wegner

This is so great! I told Isabelle this news while we were looking at this photo, and she said, "What!?! How many cousins do we have anyway?" So funny. :)

Becky Hunter

I am so excited for the baby who gets to have Angela and John for parents! That little one has hit the jackpot! (Not a gambling type of jackpot because that would not be a really theologically accurate statement, but rather "hit the jackpot" in a profound WAHOO kind of sense.) This is such great, great news! I love that you and Sheila get to be a grandparents twice over in less than a year!

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