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January 02, 2010


laura kiner

always well spoken


Thanks for the advice, Mark. We're never to old or 'with-it' to get some good advice.


Thank you for these words.

Robin Payne

As always, your wisdom helps me see more clearly!


Many don't know because no one has been bold enough to tell them what they need to hear. Thanks for being so bold.

Ron S.

I am an older father giving advice to a young son of 14, and I greatly appreciated this. We read your post together this evening after returning from church. It goes hand-in-hand with your message tonight and the purpose statement of Proverbs 1:1-9. Many thanks for these modern Proverbs.

Lori Morlan

Thank you for giving advice for those of us who don't have parents who give any. This advice is a prayer answered. I was just telling my sister how frustrating it is to have to parent our parents all the time. Sometimes it would be nice to hear encouraging words from a parental figure. God was listening. Please continue to give advice because I am receiving it and appreciating it.
Thank You Mark Beeson.

Solid Thomas

You know, Mark, I had thought about asking you for advice after your message today but decided not to. Now I find myself reading your blog and lo & behold, there is some advice. In fact, I think it directly addresses what I was thinking.

So, Thank you. And also Thank God for bringing you here and helping you with the wonderful establishment that is GCC. I am not alone in saying that I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for this blessing!

Rosemarie pittinget

Thank you for your bold, fresh honesty. I will definety set out to change my ways. So often we make things or others the issue, when we are the ones with the issue.
Rosemarie P

J Aquila


Good stuff. In preparation for India (this March) I'm hitting the gym 3+ times a week, with a personal trainer, right up until the day before we leave. The Iron Man video from a few weeks back inspired me, and I don't want to burn out early during our time in Kalavai. Plus, I've been meaning to drop the extra pounds I've been packing for the last couple of years.

I know you heard Don Miller at the story conference, but I found his latest blog post to be encouraging about living out a good story and starting twenty-ten out with purpose ...


J Aquila




Thank you for the words of advice. The first person I will share this with is my best friend, my husband. Already this year we have made changes in our lives to incorporate some of the things you mentioned in here. Now that I have read this, I feel we have a litle more work to do together but I know, we are on the right path.

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