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January 20, 2010


Jeff Petersen

Hey Mark,
Just wanted to say that i also had to seek out some experienced experts to help make this video the best it could be. these highly trained experts were key members of the production team: Josh Janicki age 8, Taylor Stevens age 9, and Hunter Stevens age 12. We know, "getting the right people on the bus" makes all the difference-in Every project. Who better to help make a Lego video than some Lego Experts...and some swell parents who let me take over their kid's bedroom for a few days.

Johnny Carr

Right scripture for the right time. Thanks.

Lisa Flowers

Was out of town, so I just saw this today. Wow!! What a team we have at GCC!! The time and effort it took to do that...I am SO proud to call GCC my home!

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