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January 15, 2010



I've never been to GCC but know a lot of people who go regularly and I would like to make it there sometime soon myself! A friend of mine referred me to your blog tonight though, telling me about Angela and Lydia, who I will be keeping in my prayers. I had HELLP syndrome in my pregnancy that wasn't diagnosed until the last minute when they went to give me an epidural for a cesarean, then realized they couldn't due to my platelet count being 14k. It's a scary and dangerous condition that there doesn't seem to be a lot of awareness about. But like He did with Angela, God brought me and my daughter through it! And it is through stories like ours we can share His glory. Life sure isn't easy, but through God we can overcome.


Beautiful Beautiful Picture!!!

Becky Hunter

This picture makes me soooo happy! God has and continues to answer the prayers raised for the life and health of these amazing Keim women. Awesome. Just awesome. Thanks for posting this, Mark!

Jody Brinks

This gives me so much hope. At a time in our lives when I've lost my job d/t my health & my husband has Parkinson's things seems so desperate. Then, I get on your blog, as I do almost daily, and am so inspired by your thoughts and scripture.
I will continue to pray for Angela, Lydia and your family. And I will also stay focused on the God who never fails us and His kingdom to come.
So we're not giving up.

Mark Waltz

So grateful for the story God is writing in your lives - in yours and Sheila's, in Ang's and John's and Lydia's. God is faithful. Thanks for keeping Him in front of us as you journey as a family. God is good!


So happy to hear they are alright. I'm a HELLP survivor as well and know how scary it can be.

Best wishes to your family!

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