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January 30, 2010



Great picture!!! This makes me happy I will continue to pray for your family. Attended GCC for years wonderful church we miss it so much now in TN.

Becky Hunter

Awesome news! What a great picture! Hunter and I are praying for Lydia every single day... so exciting that she is nearly 4 pounds! YAY!!!!

Michelle Bythrow

Yeah!! That is so excellent - God is great!


Oh my goodness,a 7 ounces gain since the last picture (on the 24th I think). Wow!! God is hearing our prayers and laying his healing hand on Lydia.


When the church is clean with good people, there will be no problems with the clergy appointment.

While reviewing pros and cons on the guaranteed appointment for clergy, a major issue seems to have not been properly commented whether or not a given congregation is properly nourished under the properly nourished in a good social or family environment.
The ministry is the process of once’ lifetime spiritual evolution during the dedicated pastoral life.
I observed many successful clergies in latter although once so lightly treated as incompetent.
Thus, the congregation has to provide mutually acceptable civility in mutually nourishable ground.
According to our family experience in the Korean United Methodist Church and Institute, New York, as long as one has a strong personal ties with the district superintendent and some clergies closed to the episcopacy, even the looting the church treasury could be done very easily without any objection, of course he has to have a group of power hungry supporters who are seeking for any status in any form in any means, no any moral requirement.
Rev. Won Tae Chae was skilled able navigator in the murky stream of his own creation, which was only possible in the naive immigrant church.
He had a moonlighting full time job at New York Theological Seminary for ten years while the congregation in disarray. Who cares? After he was removed, always, the same kind replacement assigned as if in mob connection. In the incidents, why these guys need any job guarantee when they have their own source of the juice?
Last twenty years, the historic church has been under seize of like these the well trained dishonest clergies and supers, etc. Needless today, the flow of the street guys comes to manage the church. It is noticed once the course established there is endless human resources of the kind to fill in.
When Rev. Won Tae Cha group took over the church treasury, he filed three lawsuits against us to cover up the looting. For one case, they charge my son and me as attempted mass murders, place us on the trial at the New York State Supreme Court –my son
demanded all damages $8,000. Now Rev. Cha works for the Bishop Jeremiah J. Park - very smelly. They should return the stolen church money. Anything can go even in the church if one has the money and power.
I wonder, If the guaranteed appointment system established, like our church will disappear in time unless the street people stops coming in force to inherit the oppressive corrupt offices.
I have noticed many questionable characters are serving as trustees or directors in the church organizations.
I have tried to reflect our experiences to the bishops and other clergies.
So far no response from any Jesus people as we were not black enough nor white enough at all. Needless to say, it seems to be the moral climate of UMC, very insensitive to any church moral issues but the job.
I warmed our young assistant pastors not to be a tool of the corrupt ministry. Speaking out is risking their jobs.
Thus, according to the experience, the UMC’s immediate critical issue is the moral crisis to urgently implement an “in-house cleaning.” Then, who needs a guarantee? Endangered species.
How this story could be told to the Jesus people?
IS there anybody in UMC?
Reference; Website. :: 기독일보 Christianity Daily How long the church scandals should go without punishment? ... KOREAN UNITED METHODIST CHURCH AND INSTITUTE, REVEREND WON TAE CHA, YOUNG SO KIM, ...

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