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January 28, 2010



Yes, yes, yes. In the mean time we are losing whole generations who won't know the love of Jesus in there lives, because the Church focuses too many decisions to preserve the establishment vs. reaching beyond. I appreciate your words and heart. Lets hit a new orbit.

Mark McClean

It would seem to me that simple spiritual methods such as your encouraging us to memorize 2 Peter 1:2-12, applied across a wide audience, not only bring individuals closer to God but also congregations and for that matter entire denominations.

It's just my opinion but from reading Wesley's biography and being a member of Granger Community Church for 6 years one of the secrets of success to the initial Methodist movement in the mid 1700's and to GCC alike is the "KISS" method. A method I fight to remember.

I have been studying 2 Peter 1:2-12 now for about 2 weeks and have memorized the first 3 verses. And although I memorized the Navigator series of Bible Verses in the early 80's and repeat them daily in the shower :-), I have not committed a new Bible verse to memory in well over 20 years. Shame on me I know.

But it amazes me how the simple exercise of verse memorization squeezes out unseen spiritual benefits I had long forgotten. More than simply burning words into my subconscious, memorization forces biblical understanding at my own personal level and demands a daily confrontation with God for assistance. The result, at least for these last two weeks, is a richer walk I bring with me throughout the day.

A trap I fall into all too often is to think the answer must be complex. I thank God your simple request to memorize 2 Peter 1:2-12 reminds me again that the simplest answers are many times the best answers.

And if that is the case for individuals why not for entrenched hierarchies?

It may be that the key to starting currents and spiritual trajectory is unity and that the "buy-in" to that spiritual trajectory is easier in the beginning when numbers are small but committed.

Maybe what is needed most now within the Methodist movement is a fresh leavening agent injected at the grass-root level. A leavening agent that forces the dough to rise from the bottom up not the top down.

Maybe like the military, Methodist Ministers could give it a name; like say “Operation Leaven” :-)

I know; it’s never that easy is it?

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