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February 13, 2010



What an awesome experience!

Amber Cox

She looks likes she's MAD AT YOU! Her tufted ears are my favorite. So glad you got a picture of her pretty face!

Ron Zimmerman

Mark truly an experience that many have not had the chance to witness. It is such a rush to see an animal in the wild doing what God intended for it to do. Some day we need to get together just to talk. Ron

DC Curry

You're so close to being lunch it's scary! Good thing you're quick like a mongoose! So glad you're my pastor! Enjoy Bobcats and rare birds!

Becky Hunter

Thank goodness you are leaving the Wild West and coming back to Indiana where there are no lions, or tigers, or bears...oh wait, I'm confusing your time in Arizona with the Wizard of Oz movie. The real reason I'm leaving a comment is to say that you are an incredible photographer!

Julie Smies

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

James Kytta

I agree with Amber, you interrupted her meal again and that's why she did not smile for the photo shoot.

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