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February 15, 2010


DC Curry

I LOVE MY HOMELAND!!!!!!!!! Isn't it great! hahaha

J Aquila

Laughed the entire time I read this.

Jason Petermann

This is just plain funny! Love it!

Buck Cueni-Smith

it's true, yall!


The Texas State Troopers aren't that bad...unless you're driving a car with an out-of-state license plate.

The national food of Texas is either Tex-Mex or Chicken Fried Steak. Don't ask for rolls, ask for tortillas.

Once you are north of the Red River, you've left God's Country!

Kristin Ruther

Hilarious! I sent it to my friends that live in Texas --hopefully they'll still like me


Well pastor, This did not even hit me as funny (I do see the humor) but I couldn’t laugh because it hit me where I am, I too am a stranger where I am at right now and I have been praying sincerely for Gods guidance in my life and situation. Thank you for this scripture I pray God will be with you and Sheila, an all the family in your trips, and thank you for your prayers and guidance through sharing with us.

God bless


Church Construction

Of course there is no crime in Texas, so the LEO's have nothing better to do. (Unless he suspected you of something else)

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