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February 20, 2010



Oh my goodness, Mr. B, this made me laugh. I'm glad the trip is over and that Granny and Papaw are close to their family.

Elle White

I have a sad story about my childhood in Phoenix. A coyote ate my cat. The end.

This was hilarious! We're all glad to have you and Sheila back with us. Welcome home!

Lea Jensen

That was some funny writing, thanks for the giggle. Of course I am laughing with you not AT you. Maybe if you hung upside down by your feet your spine will straighten and you will once again regain your majestic height. :) I'm just sayin'

James Kytta

That cat looked like one mean Hombre that could and would face down anyone. Thanks for the smile and laugh on a Monday morning.:)

leslie petersen

Oh my word....is this normal?????

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