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February 01, 2010


Elle White

Both are amazing photos, but I love the first one! It's almost like he's glowing around his feathers...and like he's got some 'tude. Strike a pose, Tufted Titmouse. Strike a pose.


Both are great shots. 1st one he has the "look at me aren't I wonderful" look. 2nd one looks just like a little boy after he is caught doing something wrong, but he is not yet sure how you are going to react. I guess I like the 2nd one best, just because it reminds me of the looks I got when my 3 boys were little...gracious that is a long time ago.

Brenda Marsh

Amazing photos - you can almost count his feathers. Thus reminded me instantly of the verse about God knowing how many hairs are on my head.

Again, amazing work. Amazing God.

Julie Herwick

The first one is my favorite. He looks very proud of himself.

Becky Hunter

OK, in honor of mom's love for pictures where the subject is not looking at the camera, I'll choose photo number 2. These are awesome, Mark! Have a great week. By the way, loved the Culps!

Cody Baker

I like #1. I can totally imagine some ad copy or a nice subtle title design there on the right. And I like the lines of the bird in #1. Heavy and leading on the left. Would make a killer ad or cover photo.
LOVE the lighting on both! Filled in so nicely, but not flat and boring! Can't tell if you used a strobe or ring light or nothing at all??? whatever you did... it's beautiful! WORLD CLASS!

Please keep sharing with us!

Diana Buzalski

He looks relaxed against the cloudy background in the first pose. In the second one he looks somewhat leery, so my vote is for #1.

Jane Compeau

I like the first one because you can see his tuft better. Both pictures are amazing.


Both are great, but I would say the first one...makes me think of the phrase "Are you looking at me?"


I vote for the 2nd shot - you caught a reaction to something stirring, something happening that captured his attention, something that was worth observing - maybe a caution, maybe an opportunity - maybe a reason to take flight.

Bekah Wallace

I like the first guy, he looks smaller and cuter. I know, very empirical data to base my decision on. I just blogged this morning about birds & Amber sent me over here :)

Amber Cox

Daddy, I love all your bird pictures - of these two the first is my favorite. I love the snowflakes on his head.

Marty Williams

I vote for number 2. Like he is saying I know your there but I am going to let you take a picture anyway. But in order to do that I must sport a little attitude.

Mark Waltz

Hardly fair or right to expect us to choose between two phenomenal pictures. Butttt... I really love the second photo. The "whispy" detail of the feathers brings such character to the photo. The bird seems to be shying away from the camera, as though he's aware. He grips the limb with determination as the breeze threatens his perch.

Ok. That's the drama I saw.

DC Curry

Photo #1 is my pic...I love that you can see the tail feather and the fohawk is awesome!!!

Lea Jensen

Honestly I wish you would do a bird calendar and sell it. I absolutely love all of your bird pics. Every single one. They make me smile and notice the small details that make up the beauty.

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