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April 01, 2010



Great idea! Looking forward to it.

Chad Barden

Mark- I'm in! You ask for comments....be prepared. I left a 'traditional' UMC to come to Granger....I can tell you first hand what works and what doesn't...especially with the generation that needs to be 'entertained'....My first list:

1. Don't insult the 30 somethings......we need to take steps like the rest of the world.....it is a time in life when we are searching and recovering from the rebellion of our 20's. Encourage us, don't use guilt.

2. Money - The UMC is losing members, which means it needs funding more than ever before....Don't advertise it....we don't want to support something that is dying....we want to be part of a success story.

3. Age doesn't matter....the UMC caters to the 60+ crowd because that is where its gravy train lives. The demographics may favor this stance, but don't count on sustainable growth based upon demographics. Even the 70+ population wants to be part of something that has sustainable energy. Messaging, programming, etc focused on tradition doesn't appeal to the 'next' generation that will bring a confidence in the legacy of UMC....Focus on issues that are relevant to the everyday lives of the 20-40 year olds, and the older crowd will want to be a part of it...primarily because they want to leave a legacy.

4. Let go of tradition. Method works, but make the method relevant.....

I am sure I'll have more....you asked....you received.....never short of an opinion....

Your friend,


Stan Buck

Mark - I'm glad to see you are doing this - and will be praying for you in the process - as well as offering my comments!

Press on brother! Your leadership is making an impact!


George Reynolds

I read your blog every day and I'm a UM Pastor! I look forward to Methodist Mondays and will be sure to respond. God bless!!

Kevin Fox

I think this is great, I would like to be part of the conversation and be part of the revitalization of the UMC.


I will be checking it out on Monday. I visited the GCC 2 weeks ago (I live in TX).

Dave Eversdyke

Mark -- I will look forward to your posts. As a retired UMC pastor, I hope I can add some insights. Keep pressing on, brother, you are not alone!

Bryan Collier

Sounds like fun? If I am going to stay in (and I am) I might as well do all I can to help. Looking forward to the conversation!


I am a 30 year old UM pastor and excited about the dialogue and what may result from this dialogue. Like you, I am worried about future of the UM church but I am also hopeful that we can change the church to become more relevant to future generations.

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