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April 07, 2010


Becky Hunter

Every time I read your blog I feel like the only word I know is "AWESOME!" So here I am again to say it...THIS IS AWESOME!!


Dear Pastor Mark, as a total stranger I just want to say God bless you for your great blog, and great work in the church that God has placed you at. I've come across your ministry via the youtube video THAT'S MY KING. I can see that you have a passion for photography, among many other things, and most importantly of all, for the Lord. The reason I feal led to post a comment though, is that the image currently at the top of the page here, with the dead bird, saddens my spirit :(
I am not American, so perhaps it is a cultural thing, but hunting God's magnificent creatures for sport makes me sad. As a fellow photographer (and international believer in Christ), I would encourage you to 'shoot' them from your camera, and let them live, appreciatively. No offense meant, of course. Blessings!

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