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October 13, 2010


Mark Waltz

Mark - what an incredible opportunity for you... and for the rest of the photo safari group (to have you along on their expedition)! Love the pics; looking forward to seeing all of them. The snake shot was - yikes! - incredible. Can't wait to hear that story!

God's best - praying for you and Sheila!


I am A fan, I have always wanted to live my life out in nature. God still has my allegiance though, and maybe someday I can enjoy more of "the life" God Bless and thanks for sharing.



Mark, I would have liked to meet you! I went to Wyman's photo expedition the weekend after you attended. Wasn't it an incredible experience!! We were so blessed, I got great photos of a Coyote and unbelievable photos of a Bobcat!! I love to share them with you and visit with you. What an experience, can't wait to go back!

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