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October 27, 2010


Charlie McGee

Your post regarding bulls and bullies is right on target. Thank you for a cogent summation of the challenges we have and will continue to face.

Amber Cox

Well said!



This is right on and Well written. Our creator does not get enough credit anymore and that is sad. I want to do more to bless and honor him. I have also shared this with dome other friends I think it needs to be shared.



My pastor is the greatest thought processor-to word expressionist in the world!


I read your blog and others from GCC with such admiration for your engagement with the culture and for spreading the compassion of Jesus. That is why I am always so sad to see you delve into the quagmire of so called intelligent "Design" and other issues on the right, and often far right, of the political spectrum. Linking teaching children about Jesus and his compassion with your opinion about teaching evolution is what drives people away from Christianity. Surely you can see that. What is sad is that others may not be able to. There are so many ways to teach children about compassion, even in public schools which can acknowledge the role of religion. Leave the design screeds to others.

At GCC you have a captive audience, albeit self-selected. I hope you will continue to advance the cause of compassion and hunt other game.

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