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October 11, 2010


your son

Whoa! This is incredible!

Amber Cox

This is the coolest picture you've ever taken! How did you get him to look right into the camera? Did he strike? Was he rattling? I can't wait to hear more stories!
Love you daddy!

Brian Burris

You are nuts my dear pastor....respectfully speaking, but good shot.

leslie petersen

This picture is absolutely incredible. Amazing!!!!!
Jeff and i are so happy for you!!!! We know all of us will benefit from the stories!!!!!

Elle White

You even got the tongue out! Ahhh!!! It's so awesome!

Kevin Templin

Wow this is a really cool picture!

Sylinda Meinzer

What a great photo!!! I'm so happy this guy was such a great actor. Wyman was pleased!

Also wanted to say how nice it is to have you for our new friend. Can't wait to keep up with you while in Rome!

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