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November 06, 2010


Tom Rawls

I love Mark's blog! I love GCC - as a reader now for over 2 years I felt I needed to make a comment; Alan is dead wrong about the lights going out in Europe!

Something supernatural is happenng in Europe today! Awesome sleek, streamline relavent churches are being built in Europe today with the sound of a generation rising. Powerful innovative and remarkable souls winning churches are growing at an incredible rate!

In European churches today we are not seeing a "reshuffling of the sheep" like in some churches. We don't have any! We are living in a post-christian era where most of Europe have never darkened the doors of a church, have never opened a bible and many have never even TOUCHED a bible. Our churches are growth through new convert growth - people getting saved and thier lives transformed.

In the last 10 years in the UK and Europe some of the most original, potent and impacting churches on the planet have been launched and are growing with new convert growth. People are being saved in Europe and new churches are being planted like never before.

One of the most amazing moves of God is taking place in Europe today. Within the next decade the prolific growth of the church will rival the American church with its originality, innovation and creativity. Because of our sheer population the church in Europe may even rival the American church in size as well.

Comments like "So it will either happen in America, or it is not going to happen" are just too jingoistic for me. The American church doesn't have to lumber under the weight of such responsibility. Your brothers and sister here in Europe are well up for the challenge and in many respect have already begun to lead.

Having been a missionary in Asia during the 90's I have supreme confidence in our Asian and Central Asian family to carry their load as well. The church in China alone has already surpassed the church in the US in size. In this next decade we will see thier influence and impact on the church in the western world too.

In Europe TODAY the lights are being turned on! Outstanding "city on a hill" churches are are being born and are growing prolifically. Look out America - the European Church is alive and thriving!

Mark Beeson

Well said Tom. Thanks so much for the encouraging word!

For those of you who don't know, Tom is a great pastor and I admire his work. He's passionate about the cause of Christ and currently leads Proclaimers Church in Norwich, Great Britain. Tom and wife, Denise, are both ordained with the Assemblies of God, Australia and they've been developing original and innovative churches in Asia and Australia for 30 years. Tom's book, "RELENTLESS: A Renaissance Theology for the 21st Century Church," is thought provoking and helpful. I recommend it.

I tell you all this because it's important to hear wide-ranging points of view offered by great leaders and passionate followers of Jesus....wherever you find them. Tom sees the church from a context I can't; he serves in a place I don't; he knows (first-hand) what I only learn about (2nd hand). So, I listen to what Tom says.

Meanwhile, go Tom go! I'm grateful for your comment, thankful for your leadership and proud of your good work. You've added great value to this blog.

Thank you.

Paul Benger

Tried to post this yesterday but have to agree with Tom Rawls. Everywhere I go great churches are emerging in Europe and beginning to reach a post-modern, in many ways post-christian europe. I believe that in the years to come we will be celebrating these churches and learning from them. The future of European church or the world church is not dependent upon the actions of the American Church per se. Europe is rising, watch this space, the prominent churches of the future may be different to those of the past but they are on the way...

Matt Ulicny

I am from Slovakia, Europe but have the privilege and honour to be a part of Proclaimers church in Norwich, UK under the leadership of Tom Rawls.
I can only agree, Europe - the best is yet to come! Just look at the Hillsong in Kiev, Ukraine. Do you have an idea what a culture is like in Ukraine? And Hillsong is right there.
A church where Jesus is glorified and which is giving glory and lifting God goes above all barriers, cultural differences, languages and continents.
I can't wait when in my nation, in the very centre of Europe we will start to make history and build His church.
Slovakia - you haven't seen a church like this before.

Paul Abell

I've got to go with Tom on this one. The church in Europe has been out of sight for decades now, but this has been for a season. In this season the Master Gardener has been feeding and watering the church, nurturing it carefully, sometimes pruning it drastically, but during this time a stronger, leaner more fruitful church has been growing and developing. Or to put it another way: a new generation has been emerging in the church while it was wondering in the desert for the past 40 years. But this is a generation reared to know God and do great exploits like no generation before. Across Europe in villages, towns and villages churches will appear to suddenly emerge, but it is not sudden, it has taken the passing of a previous generation to reach this point. This new generation has a different spirit and follows God whole heartedly and will not be content to rest until all of Europe is like a blazing light on a hill to the rest of the world. The lights going out in Europe. Oh no - the lights are just being switched on.

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