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November 09, 2011



This one is good I like the color and texture layers in the picture. I will have to see if it grows on me as being better than the second one though?

Amber Cox

Ooooh, I love the bright sun reflecting through the yellow leaves in this one! This might be my new favorite.


The scripture in #4 was my favorite, but this photo is my new favorite. I agree with RW that the contrasting light and colors with the bare branches to the right give this photo the simple complete fall picture. Great job Mark!

Mary Beth Sullivan

This one is my favorite! It instantly made me think of Jesus' death and resurrection because you have the hard, stark wood of the cross in the backround contrasting with the strikingly bright leaves in the foreground - the glory of the resurrected Christ!


Love that picture! I think this may now be my favorite.

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