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November 11, 2011


Roger Fairchild

I love them all! As an MSU Forestry graduate, I've loved fall colors for so long. Thanks for your integrity.


Andrea Carr

Photo 7 is my very favorite, although they were all unique and beautiful. I like #7 because of all the different hues and just the beauty of it. I love the gift God gives each fall when he displays his copper canopy for all of us to enjoy. This is my favorite time of year! Thanks Pastor Beeson for sharing your pics with us!


I agree with Roger and Andrea!Praise God for our ability and gift to see in color and that He chose to bring beauty to the changing of the seasons!

Ron S.

Number 2, followed by photos 5 and then 7. The subtle lighting, with the warm colors contrasted with the dark background, kept drawing me to number 2.

As an "over 50" it also served as a visual metaphor for how we're a bit worn and tattered after a life spent being productive, but still uniquely beautiful and hanging on to the branch with all we have. ;-)


I tried them all as desktop backgrounds, #5 worked the best and remains there, #2 was my favorite the longest though. as others say they are all great pictures thanks for sharing with us.

Bill A

#5 is the best. Love the lighting in that one.

Amber Cox

#5 is my favorite! Its got depth, vibrant colors and is just plain awesome!

Becky Hunter

My very favorite is #5 but #7 is a very close second. Thanks for bringing the beautiful fall colors into my home every day!
You are an amazing photographer!!
Would you do me a favor and do a week of winter snow/ice scenes like you have the leaves ones? I could send you a photo of a palm tree for your trouble. (:
Have a wonderful weekend dear brother. Love you!

judy dillon

My Favorite Photo is #5 - it just spoke to me the most! But they are all beautiful and you ARE an amazing photographer Pastor Mark! I love your observations on changes!

Talk about change ... I observed some changes as I walked in today to paint at the new Elkhart campus on Bristol St! The "big people" church has been totally transformed in the past few weeks and so have the "little people" spaces! So exciting!!! And the changes that have been made there at GCC-E are about to change and transform the lives of so many! It's great to see what God is doing there - and that so many are joining Him!

Julie Gilleand

I liked the #7 picture best, but loved them all! I'm not good with changes, but I appreciate the changing seasons. Not everyone gets that where they live. I wonder what THAT means, spiritually!

Elle White

#7. It's kind of like fireworks. The 4th of July is a very stressful holiday for me because I know I will never see ALL the fireworks. I have to choose one place to be, whether that's in person or watching on TV, and I have to miss every other firework show in the world, which doesn't sit well with me. This year, however, I stood on the top of a tall building and had a 360 view of every firework show in Coral Springs. My heart was very full and, for the first time, I felt satisfied on the 4th of July. This picture kind of gives me that feeling - I like seeing the greater whole that all the smaller parts make. Fun game!

Mary Teeter

#5 is my favorite. The lighting and the contrast of the yellow leaves is beautiful to me. It is definitely crazy how fast times are changing. My son recently looked at me like I was crazy when I pulled out the phone book to find a number. He said people do not use those any more as he found the number on his phone quicker than I found it in the book. Oh my!


I loved #7. Enjoyed your thoughts about change.


I pick #7 and agree with your sister about the ice photos, I could send you a picture of, ah...beautiful Granger, In. snow covered...but then the appreciation just wouldn't be the same as a palm tree. Thanks for being who you are. It's an honor to know you.


my favorite is number 7 however number 1 is a close second! :) love that brilliant green with bits of color trying to show itself.

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