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February 21, 2012


Justin Moyer

Great post Mark!!

Amy Luther

Thank you! What a great reminder for those of us just walking the line, forgetting why we are really here.

Mark McClean

Your questions raise the vital importance of spiritual self-governance.

Yes, ultimately God created us for community, but communities have a dangerous tendency towards groupthink, that if left unchecked, can strip the individual soul of his or her own personal responsibility.

A community is only as strong as the individuals it comprises.

The questions you ask your community of followers can not be overstated. Within every question lies a seed of truth each of us must take courage to identify and engage for ourselves.

Am I governing this individual life God gave me and the beliefs I hold with spiritual tenacity and grace, or have been unknowingly swept into the societal current that surrounds me?

Am I diligently looking for God's truth or simply seeking permission to "fit-in"?

I am in week four of The Tangible Kingdom. As I work to make God's Kingdom tangible within my immediate sphere of influence I am most impressed by how my smallest decisions impact man's kingdom, in a missional way.

Everyday I make hundreds of decisions that many would file under routine or unimportant yet I believe the economy of God is vastly different than the economy of man.

EVERYTHING we do holds missional potential.

As each year passes I am less concerned with hitting home runs and more concerned with hitting singles. Whatever influence I have must be felt NOW to those within my immediate world.

Once last thing. I lead a very small Men's Fellowship Group. We recently ditched studying third-party Christian books in favor of the Bible.

Man...is that a tough thing to do. What an awesome responsible to look into God's word for ourselves.

As I began to study I ran across this quote from Oswald Chambers concerning the personal responsibility of every believer that gave me pause.

“The Holy Spirit “abideth in you” says John. At the beginning of your spiritual life you wanted to run off to this man and to that, to this book and to that, until you learn that “the anointing abideth in you.” John and Peter and Paul all insist on the superb right of the humblest believer to test the teacher by the anointing which is in him. If we put teachers over against the Holy Ghost, when God removes them we go down, we mourn and say, “What shall we do now?” Watch how Paul deals with the people who say, “I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas”; he says in effect, “All teachers are yours.” A teacher is simply meant to rouse us up to face the truths revealed in the Bible and witnessed to by the Holy Ghost.”

God has set in motion a current that is drawing all life to Himself. Escape is not an option. I fall so so short in so so many ways but the miracle of Christ in my life is that He stoops down each time and lifts me up.

I will never be the same.

Sheryl Doll-Lewis

Well stated Mark B & Mark McC. Your words give cause to pause, reflect and self evaluate. Today is the first day of Lent and a perfect symbolic day & reminder for us to repent & start anew in our attitude and walk.

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