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February 09, 2012


Warren Carswell

Thanks for the post! I would like to suggest one more option. Rebuild and Stomp out injustice! When I was about 9, a bad boy trampled my castle on the beaches of Hilton Head, SC. I don't quit. So, I rebuilt the castle. He didn't quit either. He returned to stomp it out again. I rebuilt it for the 3rd time. However, this time after completion, I waded slightly into the water, squatted, and waited for his return. I saw him coming back for the 3rd time. With his intentions clear to destroy my work again, I leaped out of the water, chased him down, placed him in a headlock and commenced a UFC whupping (that's southern for beating). His mom pulled me off of him while my parents ran to the scene. When the sand settled, I finished building my castle and the bad boy didn't attack it again! For the past 15 years, I have been building castles and fighting injustices as a UMC pastor in the Virginia United Methodist Conference:)

julie herwick

Thanks Mark. This so applies to the many public school teachers this year that have begun to lose hope. I think maybe a pail and shovel will be good year end presents for my fellow teachers. I think we don't give up because we hear the call.

Sharon Hoover

Thanks for your words, Mark! Your question is one I too frequently ponder, especially in my ministry with teens. We do not seem to be much of a persevering people these days. I see too many students give up on grades, activities...and, sadly, even life. I believe that we have not struggled and overcome issues enough to build our "persevering" muscles. Too many times well-meaning parents rush in to solve the problems...not allowing God time to work or the student time to wrestle with Him or the issue. We then have young adults without any history of problem-solving. Hence, no growth. Not that I'm looking for trials ... but we need more Romans 5:1-5 experiences.

judy dillon

Pastor Mark~ Love this post!

My question is - why is it that boys - no matter their age - are usually the ones to SMASH the sandcastles, while girls like to admire them? I used to build sandcastles with my kids, and Brian ALWAYS had to smash them! And now I am building sandcastles with my grandkids, and my grandson smashes them - most times just as we are putting the finishes touches on them! Boys seems to get great joy in doing that!

I'm not a quitter and will continue to build sandcastles with my grandkids every chance I get! I LOVE to invest time in my grandkids and make great memories. Maybe one day my grandson will want to admire our sandcastles with my granddaughter and I ... but I am not holding my breath!

MK @ Teach Sunday School

Just like you said, yes, I have seen that happen completely. It’s so encouraging and inspiring when a child looks defeat in the face and simply doesn’t give up. And I’m afraid that I can’t answer your question—I have no idea why some people give up so easily and others persevere. But I have a feeling that it has to do with having the ability to put your life in God’s hands.

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