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March 29, 2012




This post hits me today. After having numerous conversations with girls in my youth group here in Hillsdale I worry that 2 Corinthians 12:15 is exactly what the children in this community are doing, "look[ing] out for their parents."

You may already know this but, Hillsdale is one of the poorest counties in Michigan. Most of the children come from broken families with multiple marriages, drug problems, abusive environments and alcoholism. These kids are seeing and partaking in things they should know nothing about at their age.

They tell me they have no where to go. There is no "safe" place for them to escape the negativity they face at home. They get away from their own homes to go to another friend's house where only the same thing is occurring.

I do not know what to do for them, they are hopelessly seeking but unable to see God's hand trying to reach them out of their pain.

Any advice? I am not sure what to do..

Ron Murdock

Pastor Beeson,
We have Twinkee the Oragne Fluffball of a cat. He's really crazy sometimes. But every morning, as we open the door to his room, he is happy to see us. He loves being held and lays on my wifes pillow during the day. And if I am lucky enough, I can catch him sleeping.

Amber Cox

I love that Socks and Lydia weigh the same.

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