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July 08, 2012


judy dillon

Hi Pastor Mark~

You are very blessed as you have two of the BEST ENCOURAGERS by your side - Jesus and your wife Sheila! I KNOW that because Jesus and Sheila have been a big encouragement to me as I lead the Elkhart K-2nd Kids Team:-) In fact, Sheila wrote me a nice note last winter and started it with the words "Be encouraged!" It was just what I needed to hear with all of the changes we were going through in Elkhart and in my personal life. Also the prayers that Sheila and Ann sent out to grow our team were answered by the LORD. I refer back to that note from Sheila many times when I am feeling discouraged about things in my life - I keep it right by my computer. She is a wonderful person - so FULL of Jesus - and you are lucky to have her by your side all these years!!! God Bless you both as Granger Community Church continues to grow!

judy dillon

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